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Permit Process for Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

The following documents are required to obtain a permit to install a PV system:

Payment. Payment of fees will be expected at the time that the finalized permit is picked up at our office. The fees will include a building permit fee and impact fees. The amount of these fees will be calculated as part of the permit finalization process. A $50.00 deposit will be required when the permit application and documents are submitted. This deposit is nonrefundable, but will be applied toward the fees calculated during permit finalization. The forms of payment that we can accept are checks and cash. We cannot accept credit cards for building department payments.

How long will the review and approval process take? Our goal is to have your plans reviewed and a permit issued within 10 working days after we have received all of the necessary permit documents. There may be occasional times when a busy work schedule prevents us from meeting this goal. Missing documents or unusual circumstances relating to your plans or project may also increase the time needed.


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