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Application Process for Other Than Single Family Homes

Architectural Design Review. For new buildings that are not single family homes, or for additions or remodels to these buildings that will affect the outward appearance of the building, the plans will need to go through an Architectural Design Review with North Logan's Architectural Design Review Committee. For information about this step of the process, contact North Logan's Community Development Director, Cordell Batt

Phone: (435) 752-1310 ext. 13
Email: cordell@northlogancity.org

After the plans have been approved by the Architectural Design Review Comittee, you can proceed with the building permit application process. For other than single family homes plans must be submitted electronically. We will not accept hard copy plans unless the project is very simple, or there is some unusual circumstance that makes electronic submittal impractical for you. This link provides more information about online electronic submittal. The following documents will be needed.

Payment. Payment of fees will be expected at the time that the finalized permit is picked up at our office. The fees will include a building permit fee, a plan review fee, and impact fees. The amount of these fees will be calculated as part of the permit finalization process. A deposit will be required when the permit application and documents are submitted. This deposit is nonrefundable, but will be applied toward the fees calculated during permit finalization. The amount of the deposit will depend upon the nature or the project:

The forms of payment that we can accept are checks and cash. We cannot accept credit cards for building department payments.

How long will the review and approval process take? We cannot give you an estimate with any degree of accuracy as to how long the process will take, because there are too many variables that are beyond our control. The time is also affected by the number of permits that we have awaiting review, and how busy or schedule is with inspections and other duties. We can give you the following guidelines:


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